Road World Championships

I’ve been in Harrogate for the last week, and the atmosphere is absolutely buzzing. The trip from the states has been escalated by the amazing success of the US riders. 3 golds and currently atop the medals table.

Though when I ask friends back in the States they have no idea and it seems like there is no mention in mainstream media.

Just kind of bums me out, they should be getting more accolades for their success.


Yeah, your guys and gals have been representing, HARD!


Maybe if we could watch it here in the states without having to buy it. I have been following via social media.


Watching NBC Sports Gold. Super coverage as always…


Quinn Simmons came in 2nd at Leadville this year, after soloing much of the course.

Just turned pro at 18. A monument in his future?


And this surprises you? Cycling doesn’t end in ‘ball’ and it’s not an easy to comprehend us-against-them team sport. Sorry about our luck. Maybe there’s U23 crash highlights shown at the end of the sports seg? :man_shrugging:

If the weather keeps up it’s def going to be a wild weekend of racing!

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The Tour doesn’t even get mentioned on ESPN page 1 save for a blurb about the winner on the last day on occasion. I have friends that ride bikes that don’t even know the WC’s are taking place. Cycling just isn’t a popular sport in the U.S. Unfortunate but it is what it is.

by the Junior Men’s team…watching those guys rip the legs off the peloton from 75k out was very impressive!


Not surprised at all. Just disappointed that they aren’t getting recognized.

I know they cut a lap out and set off earlier, but these U23 Men are not going to be home before its dark: very “British” conditions out there…

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Not saying its free, but it is on the Olympic Channel, which is part of our streaming live tv package. And I have NBC Sports Gold, on there too.

At least UCI and NBC Sports have highlights for free on Youtube.

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If you have Xfinity, there is now a NBCSports Gold app included in your package. So just like they did previously with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you no longer have to hook up a device to watch content from these apps.

However, you can only fast-forward 30" at a time on the app…so I had watched a good chunk of the race online earlier in the day, but still needed to see the final 40K. Trying to get to that point in the race via the app was maddeningly annoying, so I bailed and went to my iPad to finish. Hopefully this gets addressed moving forward.

Ooh, come on Tom :crossed_fingers:

I love how different the vibe is to Innsbruck.

Dont get the olympic channel on charter here in Reno…its listed but charter cant seem to get it to work.

Sweet. We dumped Comcast/Xfinity cable for Playstation Vue as our streaming live TV provider. Our TiVo/cableTV with 4 tuners was far superior experience, but with the switch we are saving $100/month.


I constantly flirt with cutting the cable…every time I get ready to do it, Xfinity does something to make it easier for me to stay.

Bastards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Americans are doing amazing out there.

Hopefully it carries on to the ProTour, I’m sure it will on the women’s side but on the men’s that’s a bit iffy. Our domestic structure really isn’t designed for youth development, and racing in Europe you’re an outsider. Hopefully that changes.

Also nice seeing a local racer (Jastrab) win it all!

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Great finish.

After many flat tires…huge talent