2023 TdF Femme avec That Other Training Platform

Didn’t see a thread for it yet in a search, so figured I could start one. I really enjoyed watching the 2022 TdF Femme. My daughter got into it. She’s sleeping right now, but should be up and likes watching the ladies go as well. Last year was great racing, I thought.

Anyone else watching?


There’s some discussion of it over in the Pro Cycling thread (though it has been a bit swamped by the men’s TdF so far)


I watched stage 1, will hopefully be able to watch two and three tomorrow while working from home.

We are talking about it in the Pro thread, the men’s race is over so discussion should be moving towards the women.


Got it, thanks. I’ll swap over there and ask @mcneese.chad to close this one unless people want a separate thread.

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I really don’t follow any racing threads around here. I’m happy to help however you all want to handle these. Seems the “all-in-one” is well used, so that may be the most straight forward route.

I do potentially see an option to have a year-based topic (like the current 2023) for men’s and women’s racing discussion as separate topics instead of grouped. But that is really up to those of you who take part.


Are we really gonna do this again this year with the crazy amount of simple bike handling crashes? Two simple wheel overlaps already today.

Thank for the reminder, I think one of my ex club mates is the team leader for Israel.


You have men crashing in the TdF on the final day because they weren’t paying attention, plus a guy fell in a corner because he didnt have his hands on the handlebars. Lets not do the thing where we act like it’s significantly different.

The crash that took Cav out was basically nothing too. Heck I crashed yesterday because i didnt think about wet train tracks until it was too late.


That’s fair. I don’t think it’s that much markedly different. There was that narrative last year and seeing front pack athletes making simple mistakes like that probably doesn’t help.

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They need to neutralize this stage…it is way too dangerous at this point.


With 4km to go it looks better but it was crazy through that village :-o

Edit: I dont fancy that 1km finishing descent :-o :-o

Edit, edit: The descent wasn’t too bad I think it was too short to be so before it kicked up again.

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Van Agt, man, that looked bad.

Pretty straight run in at least. Didn’t like Kopecky appearing to try and cut lines off like that. Not a good look to be looking over your shoulder then coming across the road like that IMO.


Sometimes that is just the natural consequence of looking over your shoulder, though…

I’ll have to watch the overhead later to see if it looked worse from that view, but I really didn’t see anything nefarious.


No not nefarious. The initial move halfway across the road… but after that she was fine I think. Won’t be any issue.

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It’s starting to look like no-one other than Van de Velde actually wants to win this stage. :person_shrugging:

is ‘zwift’ banned here? or must be referred as ‘other training platform’?

Brutal ending for Vande Velde…gut punch.

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Peloton certainly made that… interesting for themselves. And DSM got completely played.


Yeah, that was tough to watch that last 1km. At that point you really want that stage win for her.