Rotational Shiftwork

I work a rotation where I am up to 2 weeks on a offshore oil-rig, and then get double what I worked - off work.
Meaning: if I work 1 week - i get 2 weeks off. If I work 2 weeks I get 4 weeks off, but I don´t know how long I will be at work until maybe 2 days before I travel offshore.

When I´m at work I don´t get to work out as much as I want maybe maximum 45minutes a day on a basic spin bike, but when I´m home I can work out 10 hours a day if I want to…

My plan is to follow the training plans when home, maybe add on little longer rides on days with nice weather, and then the first week offshore -taper
and second week -introduce some intervals- mainly short VO2 max efforts, so that my legs dont feel to dead when I come home. first workout when I come home will always be a ramp test.

does this make any kind of sense?

Hey man, did you stick to your plan? How did training go to you? I have the same problem but my rotations are much longer than two weeks. On my case I decided to just drop cycling all together as anything i do now will be lost during my time offshore. I’ve been focusing on running and strength training and hopefully I’ll have a six months break of mobilizations that I plan to get my cycling back on track.

I basically followed what I wrote in the original post, but what I learned was to take the easy week offshore the second of my 2 weeks, and do intervalls the first of the 2 weeks because of work stress…

Not having a powermeter offshore, I used pulse.
I would do many short intervals, (40/20 or maybe a workout
30sec easy
30sec hard
30sec very hard standing up
30 sec hard
repeat for 10 or 20 minutes)
and be able to make a big pool of sweat underneath myself in 45 minutes - 1 hour.
but off course - this would depend on witch discipline you’re riding in.

My FTP went from 285 to about 320…
But I think this is mainly thanks to my loooong hours in the saddle I had when I had time off. to be honest I think I rode too much. actually got a little bit tired of riding on my local roads and tracks the last week I was at home…

Six months off you say? and in the summer? sounds nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll research about pulse. I need to discover what type of bikes they have on-board but I thought about HR based training as an option and stick to steady workouts.
I wish I had six months off during summer, I’ll be off the hook for off-site work and I’ll be back to regular 9 to 5 before I go out again in the next project. I’m signed up to Ironman Cozumel but I should be back Offshore in the middle of build phase which is what I’m trying to manage, how to get started on my full IM plan having no access to proper indoor cycling.

ok - so then you will focus on sweet spot…
when I did sweet spot according to my pulse I just used my pulse data from a sweet spot TR workout, and tried do replicate that.
as a bonus I would do it before work.
working 07:00-19:00 I would just get in bed 21:00 and get up 05:00 and work out fasted, to try to get fat adapted…

Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

My shift will be either 00 to noon or noon to 00, depending on how it goes i will need to do before or after but i think it is easier to fit a workout during the day. I would have issues to do it anytime other than morning if it was 7 to 19.

Well…lets see how it goes… thank you!



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