Roller wheelbase length

I’ve picked up a set of rollers second hand so I don’t have a manual. I tried them previously but seemed a bit unstable (or I’m just not very good), since then I saw you can adjust the rollers for wheelbase. I’ve lengthened it a bit but not sure if too much/not enough.

Any opinions for people using rollers?

Move it back a bit I think, the axle should be roughly over the top of the front roller. If I’m visualising/remembering it right, having the roller in front makes it want to ‘flop’ to either the left or right all the time.

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Back one notch.
Found an article here showing it behind but wasn’t sure how much.

Plus I have no experience so not sure just how stable rollers should be.

That may be fine, but one more notch back looks like it’s worth a shot.

Thar could improve stability a bit, but know that rollers aren’t stable at all, in the typical sense :wink:


I have those same Arion rollers (I think that’s what you have there) and can get you some pics of the manual as they were only delivered last weekend.
But as others have suggested I think your roller needs pulling in. From memory you measure the distance between your two axles and match that up to the closest measurement on the stickers on top of the rollers, if they’re still readable.

That’s my current position, moved it back a bit.

But the manual would be awesome, thanks.


That looks perfect to me.

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Great, thanks.
Now my only excuse is my ability and nerves.

Front axle directly over the center of the drum or 1 cm behind is the normal set up advice from eMotion and Kreitler.

Your last photo looks good!!!

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If you haven’t already heard, setting up in a narrow hallway, in a doorway, or right next to a wall are recommended. Something where you can elbow out while you get your feet under you.

Use a high gear and really get those wheels going. Seems scary, but there is stability in that speed.

Good luck, be safe, and ask questions if you need :smiley:

Getting used to the rollers takes a bit of time. Try setting up in a hallway or between a doorway at first. Then you can try with one wall beside you and nothing on the other side. I use my rollers periodically and the first 15 minutes is always and adjustment. After that, I’m taking drinks from my water bottle and feeling okay. The pros make it looks so easy.

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Here you are @firemunki, sorry got sidetracked yesterday.


Cheers dude

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