Rollers for 29er recommendations

i have a power meter now. so i want to do my 30-60 (maybe 90) minute endurance and recovery rides on rollers. i feel like the wheelbase on my new epic is super stretched though. afraid i wont find something that will work with it. i do not want to change tires either. recommendations?


Find the precise wheel base. Then look at the various roller maker web sites. They will all list a range of allowable wheelbases.

Kreitler seems to be one that has long versions.

I know this question came up recently and may find that thread for reference.

What tyres will you use? If typical MTB tyres, you should take rollers with front/rear movement, aka Tacx Galaxia or Elite Quick Motion. I’m using Quick Motion with road bikes and Galaxia with 29ers.

For the MTB are you using your offroad tires or smooth?