Rollers for long wheelbase bikes

Does anyone have a recommendation for rollers that accommodate a bike with a long wheelbase? My XL cross country bike has a wheelbase of 1192mm which is too long for many rollers. I know the Elite Quick-Motion rollers have been recommended by @Jonathan, but the max wheelbase on those is 1144mm according to the Elite website.

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I like my Kreitler rollers. Worth the research.

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If looking at Kreitler’s…the standard frame is what you need for the longer wheel base.

I’m not entirely sure of the wheelbase constraints of Kreitlers vs Quick Motions, but IMO companies need to evolve rollers to accommodate the longer wheelbase of modern bikes.

I’m also of the opinion that rollers are going to make a comeback of sorts, at least enough to be considered a modern option. As innovation slows in the smart trainer market, people will be looking for new experiences.

I think the folks at Crown Rollers are a good example of innovation making rollers better, and with a bit of effort, there are tons of ways they could be improved to be safer and more stable.

Here’s a video of @GPLama trying the Crown Rollers at Interbike:

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@stefanmoser I had the same issue trying to find rollers for my xl bikes (I’m 6’4”) I eventually purchased the quickmotion and was able to eek out a bit more than what the length they suggest. I have used my xl Santa Cruz tall boy LT and xl cannondale Scalpel on it and will be trying my recently purchased xl Intense Sniper. I also purchased the Feedback sports omnium for travel and it has plenty of adjustable length. It is, however, a front wheel off version so perhaps not what you are looking for.


@Lawrence I looked up the wheelbase measurements for those bikes. The Tallboy LT is 1165mm and the Scapel is 1169. I’m on a Rocky Mountain Element which is 1192mm, so a bit longer. Since you’re already pushing the stated limit by about 20mm, and my bike is another 25mm-ish on top of that, I wouldn’t want to risk it without trying them out first.

BUT … I see the Intense Sniper is 1206mm in XL, so I’d be super interested to hear how that bike works on the rollers being 62mm longer than the stated maximum. Keep us posted!

@stefanmoser as soon as I try out the Sniper on them I will definitely let you know. It likely helps that I install indoor trainer tires on the rims which brings the effective wheelbase down a little bit but still above the recommended obviously.

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@stefanmoserI managed to dig up a photo of the Scalpel on the Quickmotion. I have lent the rollers to a buddy so that’s the reason I can’t comment yet on the Sniper usage on them. As I said though, as soon as I do try it I will let you know.

Are you adamant about using free coasting rollers or would a front wheel off set of rollers work? I have the feedback Sport Omnium and it also works really well.


I have a set of Kreitlers that I use with a 64cm diverge and it works pretty well, it would be cool if they were smart but I feel it’s more of a bike handling thing than a strength workout