PM for Scott Scale 940

Hello TR forum! I have a PM question and figured this was the best place to ask.

Just got a 2021 Scott Scale 940 and super excited about it. I will use it as my main training bike on the road/gravel and mild MTB trails but have a Spark to do the real riding.

Ok to the point. I am looking to get a power meter for the bike but not break the bank. This is what I’m thinking… talk me out of it.

For $350 I can get a SRAM rival 1x crank with left side quarq PM. It can take a 38T chainring and as I plan on riding mostly road/gravel with this bike and a 50 on the back I think that would work well for my needs.

Any other options or advice would be great.

Scale 940 Specs
SRAM Rival 1x Wide PM

How about this: I think this is incompatible with your frame and drive train. Most mountain bike frames only accept up to 34- or 36-tooth chain rings. Putting a 38-tooth chain ring on it might damage your frame.

A cheap power meter would be a 4iiii or Stages crankarm-based power meter.

I currently have a 38t on there without any issues. Having trouble finding anything that is compatible with the SRAM cranks and DUB bb I have on there. To switch to one of those I would have to switch cranks and BB’s, right?

Sigeyi PM isn’t too expensive and should work with your existing crank.