Risk of developing diabetes?

The other day my wife noticed how I was preparing my skratch drink mix (ie. Adding scoop after scoop of the white drink mix to my water bottles), and she voiced a concern that all these high carb/sugary sport fuel products I consume, could be putting stress on my body, which might lead to type 2 diabetes.

I dismissed her concern, and explained that because I am burning through so much of those carbs/sugar when I ride, I don’t have anything to worry about. But am I right about that? I mean, I do consume a lot of energy gels, cliff bars, ounces of skratch/Gatorade mix, and various other sport fuel products, but at the same time, I train a lot too.

Perhaps us cyclists, and endurance athletes in general, who consume far more sugar than might otherwise be recommended, aren’t at risk of developing insulin resistance. But, could all these products be putting us at risk of some other gut ailment or nutritionally induced health issue?

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