Rising Phoenix - Netflix

Has anyone watched this yet? Great inspiration about the highs and lows faced by Para-Olympians and their fight to gain acceptance in the wider community.
I have no excuse to not train. I have 2 arms and 2 legs, I should be grateful that I can pursue life without hindrance.


hadn’t heard of it but am now interested to check it out. thx

Years ago when I used to race, every so often I’d start a ride and feel like crap mentally and/or physically. My warm-up route took me past the house of a quadriplegic. Every day someone rolled him out onto the driveway and left him there, I’m assuming to get sun & fresh air. Every time I passed him, my disposition & bike ride improved 100%.

Almost always, we are in a much better place than we believe.

p.s. - haven’t watched the movie.


Rising Phoenix. A “Netflix Original” documentary telling the story of the Paralympic Games movement through the eyes of athletes, officials, and the daughter of Dr Ludwig Guttman, who started the whole thing at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the late 1940s. Even Prince Harry (speaking with his Invictus Games hat on) manages to sound mostly sensible. Some very moving stories, some frustration - especially with the mess that almost resulted in the Rio games being cancelled - and a whole load of hope. I watched it on Netflix, but I am sure it’s available on documentary torrent sites too.

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I watched this a couple weeks ago while doing a tempo ride on the trainer- highly recommend. It was great on-the-bike entertainment. Very inspiring and had lots of cool history about the Paralympics as well. I loved it

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So good! Got me so fired up during a sweetspot workout it nearly turned into v02 max work :sweat_smile:

For real though what these people go through puts a lot in perspective.

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