I love Trainer Road training but... kinda liking my "off-season." Excited to go again next season

Hey all,

Firstly, I fought cancer last year and decided to return to racing in August 2018. Trainer Road brought me back to fitness and racing (as did my oncologist). Secondly, I got better all season long. Went from getting dropped at my first race of the year to 2 top 5’s at my last 2 races. Granted, it was cat. 4 races (I used to be a cat. 1) but, hey; I’m a middle aged dude with cancer.

Super happy with how it went. Only problem is that there weren’t more races to do.

Recently moved to Phoenix, AZ and racing is over here until fall with 'cross. Road racing resumes December or January. You can bet I’ll be back.

I’ve been off for about 10 days and have been enjoying slacking on training. I’ve been lifting and roller skiing and staying mildly fit. I start training again on 8/19 and am looking forward to it.

Sipping margaritas tonight and pondering an hour or 2 ride tomorrow. Keeping it casual.

Thanks TR guys, and community!

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How’s the criterium scene in Phoenix? And the CX scene? Just curious- I’d like to live there some day

I think it’s pretty much impossible to maintain full on commitment to training year on year, there will always be a point where you just get stale or mentally need a break from the self imposed regime. It’s breaks like this, however prolonged, which I’ve found rekindle the enthusiasm. I recently started racing again after a 3 year break but I kept cycling throughout that time, I wouldn’t really call it training, just commuting to and from work, long distance audax rides etc.

I can’t see a day when I’ll stop totally…not yet anyway.

Hope your recovery continues.


I’m pretty excited to drink beers and use my fitness for other things, like hiking and casual gravel riding with my friends who I haven’t been able to spend as much time riding with as training for my A race has taken priority. The break on the horizon has definitely helped me put my all into my training as well as get me excited on next season already :wink:

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When I was racing internationally as a cat. 1, it was my practice to take 4-5 weeks off of training at the end of every season. I’d stay active and lift, hike, swim, and enjoy time with friends and letting the nutrition go a bit. I’m doing the same now until the last week of August.

I’ll let you know as I’m thinking of doing 'cross again this year. And of course I’ll do road when the season resumes.

Blog post up with my thoughts on the season and my move!