Right side hip drop

I made progress with my choice of saddle thank goodness. And also realized that the trainer was significantly different from outside. I ended up using the selle italia slr outside and it’s amazing so far. I haven’t done anything significantly far by 60km for a first go with little issue. That’s huge for me. I read the thread on what to do inside. Elevating my front wheel 2+ inches helps
with numbness and rub.

OK so. I have a noticeable hip drop on my right side. I’ve seen a fitter, he’s wedged me and shimmed me. I get really bad rub on this side to on my inner thigh (bad saddle sores) When I pedal it seems like thigh goes almost under the saddle and rubs on the rails and side of the saddle. My left leg seems more forward than my right with my left foot slightly turning in. I’ve dropped my saddle height and it’s always evident with my hip. Left leg doesn’t really rub too much.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this rubbing issue and hip drop ? What about moving my cleats on my right shoe? I have a slight leg length discrepancy. Right leg is shorter by a small margin. Would moving my cleat back help any? Or moving the left cleat?

Thanks so much in advance. Everyone’s been really helpful. I have gone for several professional fits also and I work with a sports chiro.

Does it cause any referred pain or other issues?
Do you have uneven wear on your shoes?

First thing I would do in your position (which is similar to me, but I have pain inside knee and lower leg) is see a physiotherapist for an assessment. My money would be on a muscular imbalance or an impingement within the hip, but it needs an expert.

I am not suggesting chiropractors are no good, they appear to work for some people, but they will not necessarily approach your issues in the same way, and may not have the specific knowledge to deal with it. That said a physio might not either. but it’s a damn good place to start.

On ‘pro’ fits, I have had 2 terrible fits that I rant about on here about on any ‘fit’ type thread. Someone charging you for something is not the same as having the knowledge to deal with tricky individual fits. The numbers using tools like Retul are good guides for the average fit uninjured individual, but they don’t tell you everything and although might flag issues cannot diagnose.

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Hey thanks for your reply!

I tend to get sore in my lower back ql muscle on my left side when I ride. Knees have been not too bad.

I agree with you on muscle imbalance to some degree. I’m trying to work on iso lateral lifts off the bike to remedy any misaligned muscles.

Totally understand that. This guy is absolutely amazing. I trust him fully. He’s more than a chiro. He’s fixed tons of my issues and really digs in depth to fixing the issues.

I know I’ve been told that too. The last guy I saw really worked magic from the trainwreck I was when I first saw him. But I’m sure my fit still isn’t perfect not sure if there’s such a thing as perfect. Lol

I was hoping to tinker a little without changing a ton of my bike fit.

Thanks for your advice