Hip impingement and forward hip placement

I’m hoping someone can help me! I’m suffering from my left hip being impinged. I’m doing exercises and stretches to help with the strengthening and mobility. My left hip moves forward and sits ahead in my saddle no matter what I do. It’s really causing me some issues with comfort and putting down power. My right hip rolls forward and down (right side bias) and causes a functional leg length discrepancy.

I’ve been to now five pro bike fits. I have no idea where to go from here. My discomfort on the saddle comes from this pelvic torsion. I do mobility all the time. I smash out my psoas tfl hip flexors everything…. I’m really at the end of my options here. People talk about saddles disappearing under them… what’s that??? An hour on the saddle is a struggle.

Can anyone offer suggestions as to what the heck to do with this twisted issue.

I’ve dropped my saddle height which has helped. I have proper arch support. I increased my saddle width and I feel more stable. I’m trying out a fake shim in my right leg with cardboard right now. I just can’t get past this constant twisted sitting position that causes soft tissue issues and power loss.

Please help me :slight_smile:

Sounds like the exact questions for a sports physiotherapist or osteopath. I spent 2 years post-leg surgery working with an amazing one on regaining full hip mobility and imbalance that led to lots of lower back pain.

Do research in your geographic area, find ones that knows both about sports/athletes as well as osteopathy because there are a lot of complex bone/fascia interfaces in the region.

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Do what @samyall says. I am battling through similar issues and have focused on strengthening my glutes as part of my therapy. Below are just a couple of glute-specific exercises I’ve been doing. I also recently started doing the Dialed Health Road Program, IT Band Rehab, and Total Body Static Stretch routines - all of which incorporate some of these exercises.

  • Banded glute bridges
  • Monster walks
  • Lying down side leg raises
  • Glute max extensions
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It’s always a balance of functional improvements (improving your glute strength, hip mobility, and motor control (ability to use your muscles for optimal movement pattern) and any internal static “lesions”.

Sounds like you have tried changing external variables of bike fit and position, and it’s time to see a knowledgable PT that can assess your hip mobility, core strength, etc…

Now, if THAT doesn’t work? It’s time to get an image and see a surgeon/medical doctor - to determine next steps and see if surgery is necessary to correct any bony abnomalities (CAM or pincer deformities) or soft tissue issues (torn labrum, etc…). This is always a last resort - but if stretching/strengthening and bike fit can’t improve it, it might be a necessary evil.

I have had mixed luck with these injuries. Some patients can manage their labral tears/impingement with exercise, where others need the surgery - but usually do great after it with regard to return to sport.

My 2 cents as a sports PT

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For sure. I am seeing a sports guy for the issues I have. It’s gotten alot better but I just keep having the same patterning occur. Thanks for your input

Thank you! Yes I’m going to keep working in my hip strength and mobility to compliment my on bike work with focus on rehab. I appreciate the reply

I really appreciate the time you took to write this to me. I’ve been working on it for a few years now and it’s gotten way better but I always want more. Don’t we all!

You’re right it may be worth seeking medical advice in this scenario since it’s been several years

Not a problem.

Difficult injury. Especially with cycling.

Good luck!