Riding a hard 'power hour' outside - yay or nay?


Planning to head out for a hard hour trying to take a strava segment this evening in place of my scheduled workout, Donner (3x12 threshold intervals)

I know lots of people that race on zwift alongside structured training which would be a similar hard effort and wonder how/if this kind of session is detrimental to the overall plan?

Thanks a lot! Tom

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Try to use this ride as a substitute for one that is on your schedule already. Make sure this ride doesn’t upset your following training and you should be just fine.

Stuff like this tossed in a plan is fun and good for motivation vs locking in to pure “training”.


Yep…remember why you train…to race…to have fun…to smash it on Strava…otherwise you’ll just be a hamster on the turbo wheel!..Of course you can’t do it all the time if you want results from structured training…but go for it - will do wonders for your mental health! :smile:


Never done this trainer road stuff I just do alot strava segment sprints like your saying. its basically the same thing as HIIT or interval training. i ride casual around town then smash a segement then casual… yadayada. more fun than structured for me. FTP was 255 in January and April around 285 or so probably higher now. really depends on your personality and what gets your fire going. I ride Zwift as well on tacx 2t and it gives me about the same power curve as my assiomas outside.

GO FOR IT!!! And let us know if you got the KOM!!


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Have fun! I try and do a couple of ‘power hours’ in February/March to test the legs, sharpen the mind, and confirm FTP.

thanks for the replies guys, felt great to get out in the sunshine and also I got the kom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: