Ride up Mount Teide


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Planning on riding up Mount Teide next week and was wonder if anybody has any tips on what to wear / take (booked a road bike)
also would be interested if anybody can tell a TR workout which would give a taste of what is to come

Thanks Group


I’ve cycled mount Teide a few times from los cristianos up to the parador. Make sure you take a jacket with you as it can be really cold on the way back down. Stop off at the parador for a drink and a muffin :blush:

You’ll love it. I’m there with my son who’s 21 in December for an 8 day cycling holiday.

Yup! It can get cold at the top. I was there in spring, climbing to the top in thin jersey and bare arms. Put arm warmers and a gilet on, but some cloud formed and a short rain shower left me numb and shivering on the descent, to the point I was struggling to stay in control of the bike.

Which ascent are you planning on doing?

Whilst in TF, I would MASSIVELY recommend bypassing Teide one day and heading to Masca to ride the roads there. Much steeper but much much more scenic and interesting!


As above, which route are you going up? The ride from Chio is a much more steady gradient, and going through Vilaflor is steeper. Aim to go early doors to beat the traffic. The road surface from Chio is brilliant having only recently been resufaced. Once if you head towards the cable car and on to the visitor centre the road is really poor.

If you haven’t arranged your bike yet, I’d highly recommend T3 Freemotion. They have good bikes and are in great condition. They do guided rides which is worth it. We came down some “local” route avoiding all the traffic which was great.

It can get chilly, but it was 38c when I went up Tiede. The guide was like “where’s your jacket”!!! Coldest that day was 26c on the way down, but that is unusual. I’d make sure you have a gilet.

While I’ve not done the Masca route, the roads sound epic!!! Lots of off the beaten track rides too. It’s an easy place to find your way around!!

And there is no TR workout that can prepare you for it. It’s both physical and emotional. Enjoy it without smashing it. Pace yourself, and be aware of what your body tells you.

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Thanks for all the advice and tips - I have managed to seek this trip into the family holiday will be starting out at Costa Adeje had to booked a tour (wife’s orders) via booking.com so don’t much about the route and the bike with my normal luck it will a kids mtb :sweat_smile:

Here’s my route suggestion for a non-Teide day! Tenerife is wonderful, and you’re almost guaranteed to bump into some scottish riders! :wink:


I’m Scottish too and will be there again in December :blush:

I did the climb exactly a year ago on half term break out of Bike Point Tenerife.
It was their ‘South Side’ route and was very good. Quiet roads, good surfaces, well supported.
Definitely, need at least a gilet for the descent and could come in useful for some of the shaded areas on the way up. Arm warmers would be useful too. we were able to leave gear in the follow van so we didn’t have to carry which was great.
Hire road bike was fine, but I wish I had taken my own pedals and saddle. Measure your current position and send to the bike hire shop for them to try and replicate as close as possible. Saves time adjusting and less to think about on the day.
Stay on top of hydration at the higher elevations.
As for TR workouts, how about long Sweet Spot intervals at low cadence, but with it next week, you’re probably better “tapering”.
Have a great time!


I’ve been up Mount Teide about 4 times and as other people have said, it can get a little chilly up the top so take a gilet, full gloves, arm and knee warmers and a hat. I’ve always managed to get away with carrying most of my stuff in a large saddle bag as I hate carrying too much on my back especially on a long climb like that. If you intend going right to the very top to where the cable car is then I would recommend stopping in Vilaflor to fill up on water. There’s a garage at the intersection of TF-51 and TF-21 and I think it’s got a couple of toilets there as well. I think there’s also a cafe at that intersection and some more as you go on a bit further.

As for training for the climbs, just try sweetspot efforts gradually increasing the amount of time at sweetspot. Not sure if it helps, but I used to tilt my bike upwards to replicate going uphill.

While you’re there, if you intend going on any more rides I would definitely recommend traveling up the east coast on the TF-28. Although there are a few rough patches, this has to be my favourite road in Tenerife. The road just keeps on rolling. I tend to go up as far Fasnia (pr a bit further) and then back.

I’d also recommend the TF-563 and TF-21 to Vilaflor, but do that on a different day to your climb up to the top.

Hope you have a great time!

If it helps, here are a few rides I’ve done from the Costa Adeje area - a couple of ways up Teide.


If you’re riding to power, subtract a bit off your target when you get nearer the top, as the combination of thinner air and accumulated fatigue will take its toll.

If going up from the south, get water at Vilaflor - it’s the last chance before the top.

While climbing, eat more regularly than you might on a normal ride. Then you can eat less on the way down.

+1 for heading out to Masca and surrounding area

Also look out for the traditional snack, think it’s called Papas Arugadas or something but you’ll get a little bowl of mini baked potatoes covered in salt and with a tomato based sauce… really basic but perfect for a long day out!!

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I second that. I cycled up Teide last year, up the route from Los Cristianos. I targeted 85% of my FTP, which I thought I could stick to for two and a half hours. The first 2 hours were fine, but after that, above 2000m, holding even 75% was tough.

Papas Arrugadas with Mojo Picon. So good! Second that recommendation…

Thanks for the advice and tips the ride up was long and tough but well worth it keep to a stead HR

The advice on the extra clothes was welcome it was bloody freezing on the descent into the crater and riding across it

The descent from the top was fast and cold the full gloves and extra arm warmers were definitely required especially when the rain came half way down

A great ride to tick off


Excellent well done. It’s a great climb isn’t it?

Love long climb great roads view were great too

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You lose around 1% per 100 meter above sea level. At 2000 meters that’s already 20%! So you basically tried riding at 95% of your FTP.

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Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better about my performance!