Ride analysis feature request: Heart rate drift/decoupling

Just like training peaks does it, would we be able to have Pw:Hr added to TR? It’s the only thing i even use TP for, as i use GoldenCheetah for PMC… PMC would be nice on TR too though…

Pw:Hr is Heartrate Drift. or decoupling, How much your heart rate increases over time relative to power. It’s a good measure of aerobic fitness.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Currently https://intervals.icu/ will be your best friend to analyze all these things.


@jarsson, but what if one doesn’t want to succumb to the Strava overlords?

Then I do not have any solution beside talking to amazing @davidtinker and asking him if there will be possible to import TR workouts directly.

I agree that TR would benefit from more analytics tools but on the other hand it is not in line with brand essence - simplicity and clarity.

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Join Strava but default everything to private and block anybody from following you? Guess they’ll still have your data but nobody will know…


Tx! Unfortunately not at the moment. Its quite a bit of work and when/if I go down that route it would make sense to do Garmin Connect first. Also I have heard that Strava don’t like apps that pull data from multiple sources. Don’t know how true that is.

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Thank you for your answer. For me there is not problem with current setup. And thank you very much for your amazing work!

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@jarsson Thanks and @davidtinker a + 1 for Garmin Connect first (although i’ve read other visualizations are first priority). Already connected to Ride With GPS, Trainer Road, Garmin Connect and an occasional download to Golden Cheetah. I’ve read there is a way to connect that all up behind the scenes, but like @jarsson, said I’m working for simplicity.

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