Importing Heart Rate Data Post-Workout

I have an ANT+ HRM and do my TR workouts on a smart trainer that connects to my laptop via bluetooth. My HRM cannot connect to my laptop (nor to my phone) with its ANT+, so I connect it to my cycling head unit. So, at the end of a workout, I have my completed TR workout file and a file with my HR data from my head unit. Using GOTOES, I can combine these files into one TCX file.

My question: is there any reason I shouldn’t delete the completed workout file from my TR Career page and then manually upload my combined file that contains all the TR workout data + my HR data? Will it still register as a successfully completely workout? Will it inaccurately affect TR’s AI?

PS. Yes, I have bought an ANT+ dongle for my computer :slight_smile: I’m mainly curious how best to get my heart rate data into TR before it arrives. But perhaps it’s safest to just wait?

Adaptive Training currently doesnt account for heart rate data. It absolutely will eventually, and is on our developer’s roadmap, but HR info doesnt currently impact your potential adaptations or measured completion success of workouts. Hopefully we can get this feature implemented soon!

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