Reverse Training - Half iron Man goals


I’ve been doing SweetSpot Base Low Volume during the last 2 months.
Last week dure to illness and work, i’ve not been able to train

I finished my 1st IM last july, and since then i didn’t really took serious break.

I guess last week off was a good thing for my body.

Now i’m looking to start a new training plan, willing to focus on Bike improvement with a reverse training approach.

My 1st goal is a Long distance end of april (B race) and main target is on mid-June (Long too).

I have 2 main questions :

  • Should i start with Build phase Half IM Plan, as i 've being doing 2 months of SSB Phase ?
    => If yes, what should i do after ?

In terms of strength, how should i incorporate training ? Muscular endurance strength then Max Strength or the opposite ?

Thank you for your advices

Taking only about the bike portion, SSB into HIM build can work well.

But why would you do the HIM if you target to fulls?

As an alternative, SSB2 is like a mini build. As your A race is later in the year, you could also consider taking another week off (during illness you don’t recover as much) and then start a full distance BBS cycle. Then you basically did a base-build-base-build-spec approach.

I would also consider where your weaknesses are and there’s some more important thing to work on?

Try the plan builder?


Last year my target was to accomplish a full IM, but now i’m only targeting HIM.

Regarding training, my main goal is to improve on bike, as i have a poor FTP (191 on last HT test)

I’m a runner basically.

I thought that reverse periodisation would help me improve on bike. Build / Base / Specific

I tried the builder but that only propose me HIM plan, not SSB plan.

Ok! What does the builder propose specifically for your HIM events A and B priority?

If the bike is what you plan to improve on, your in the right place. The SSB 1>2 into HIM BBS progression is an excellent combination for building bike fitness. I did it myself in the past and would very much recommend it.

Just did the Builder again.

It proposed me a Base/Build/Base HIM Low volume program until my 1st HIM then a specialty part until my second HIM, which is my A Race.

But no Sweet Spot Base Plan