Returning user curious to know where to start back up again

I have renewed my TR membership again, after moving to Sufferfest. I enjoyed Sufferfest, it was just as hard but slightly more enjoyable because of the music and videos. Having said that TR just has better plans / work outs and pod casts :sunglasses:

I started the year with TR doing the low vol base and moved into half of general build (before my move to SF) I have finished 90% of my SF plan. I have the London Ride100 event next weekend (Aug 4th) and I am currently flying back to London from LA.

So considering the time frame to the event and the jet lag that’s going to kick in. Where shall I pick up? Do I re start the general build? Or is it more practical to start with the base? Either plans will have to be low vol due to time constraints.

I started the year 78kg with an FTP of 190. Now I’m hovering around 72kg with an FTP of 234 (TR) / 229 (SF)

Give the week to prepare/fine tune and assuming you mention the event because you care about it, I would pick two shorter but high-intensity workouts for this week. Sleeping Beauty comes to mind. This gets you over the jet lag and let you come into your event fresh but sharp. Start your next full plan after your event. My 2 cents. Good luck!

Good advice by @Bthoffma for the event upcoming. After that, if you don’t have another specific event to train for, I’d say go back to Sweet Spot Base. Build-Build is tough. If you do SSB at your new FTP, you’ll consolidate those gains you’ve made such that you become somewhat more locked in at your sporty new FTP, and you’ll be ready to build again or plan for next season.

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Adding to the above, it’s a fairly common option to skip SSB1, and start with SSB2 if you already have some recent training. Seems the case from your comments, and can get you into the more rewarding work a bit sooner, if that’s a goal or concern.

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