Retesting Mid Block- a mistake?

So while I am not new to structured training, new to TR. SSB1HV was a definite increase in load and interval / workout length. I am typically competent in following instructions and understand the progressive nature of the block, but after 4 weeks, I was feeling pretty good & RPE was certainly down so I thought I would retest and pick up a few additional % for the last 2 weeks of the block.

Well I went from 258–>297 and the workouts have gotten real. I was still able to complete Glassy (3x20) and Tallac +3 (5x15) but it takes 100% focus and I cannot oblige Chad’s optional drills as I’m too busy focusing on task at hand (suffering).

If I am able to complete the workouts, recover and repeat, should I just ignore the elevated HR & RPE (absolutely feels threshold-ish) and just gut them out for rest of this week and next? Take the recovery week when it comes and retest again?

I did glassy pre and post test and I went from interval HRs of a flat 144 to those avaeraged 158 (144 to 164) over the course of the interval. Tallac + 3 interval HR average 161 (155-165). So some avert real drift.

Yes. It’s a good idea to retest mid block.

HV plans are by the name generally hard. With a big jump in FTP in the middle can then make it extremely hard. You may be stacking up a little too much stress if they fell more like threshold and that is matching your threshold effort , it might be worth dialing down 2-3% so if you are doing sweetspot they are more sweetspot.
Its great to have had such an improvement, near 40 watts might indicate the initial FTP might have been low and that is why you felt the need to retest mid phase of the plan.
The reduction down 2-3 % will mean you will finish the plan off. Then have the recovery week Retest and if the FTP is still up at 297, Then use that. You will have worked up to that value.

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Thanks. I couldn’t decide if I should dial it back a few % or just HTFU and ignore the RPE of these 15 & 20 minute intervals (or Wright Express next week).

The plans have a progressive nature built in.

I’d split the difference. Set your FTP at 280 and finish off the plan. It’ll be much more manageable that way and will not negatively affect SSB2.


I think it is good you retested. That is a monster jump. I think about it this way, the workouts target specific power levels and zones to elicit physiological adaptions. If your estimated FTP is way off from your ‘real’ FTP, the workouts will not have their desired effect. For your current block, sweet spot with eFTP of 258 is really low tempo zone with your real FTP. If you were in a build phase, 120% FTP VO2 intervals would ‘really’ be at about 105% and not long enough to get you into actual VO2Max state for too long. The longer 105% FTP VO2 intervals would be more like ‘real’ sweet spot intervals.

Based on your description of the 3x20 and 5x15 threshold workouts, it sounds like the new FTP is roughly accurate. They are tough and should feel difficult. I’m not sure I would have gotten through those right after a big FTP bump like that. Did your RPE during those feel like you were doing 15 - 20min long VO2 intervals? :sob:

If I was in your situation, I would go with the new FTP, but be kind to myself and not feel back about dialing down the workouts based on RPE. As long as I stay in the right zone and have the desired effect (i.e. heavy breathing during VO2 work.) Back in the day when I would get big FTP changes, it would take a couple of weeks for my RPE to ‘recalibrate.’ I would look at the power numbers and tell myself I could do it, regardless of how it felt, and eventually what threshold ‘felt like’ would match the numbers.

Enjoy the gains!


@Craig_G thank you for the reply and encouragement.

I did Juneau this evening and while I took a 2% reduction on the 3rd interval, which was more mental than anything, HR and RPE were down and I wasn’t seriously wondering if I’d be able to finish. I did have to spend the last 5 minutes of every interval telling myself that Ive put in the work, i had the fitness, this is where i belonged and I can suffer as well as anyone else.

As I spend more time using TR, the more I feel that mental state and attitude are hugely important. I’ve seen threads where people talk about being afraid or worried about workouts. I just think that is setting themselves up for failure. If you dread workouts, something needs to change. Having the confidence in yourself that each workout is do-able (assuming accurate FTP estimate) is essential in my opinion.

That said, I think it is important to pay attention to your body during workouts and outside of workouts to both validate my new FTP and also to make sure I’m not over doing it. I have certain threshold and over/under workouts that I use to validate my FTP is in the right ballpark. They should be do-able but really hard. If they are too easy or too hard I’ll adjust my FTP up or down a little. And I try to pay attention to overall fatigue and add recovery if needed. 400TSS/week at ~260 FTP is a lower overall training load than 400TSS/week at ~300 FTP. So even if your weekly TSS is flat, your overall training load is still going up (just compare kJs for those weeks.)

Sounds like you got this. Give yourself some time to recalibrate RPE and go forth and smash it.