Rest weeks between plans

Just making use of the great new calendar feature. Also updated to yearly membership b4 price rise (thanks to the forum for the heads up on that one)

Anyway I digress…having just planned my season (ish) having just gotten the provisional dates for my A race next year I have managed to fit in SUstained power build, SSB mid 1&2, sustained power build again with the 40k TT plan to finish a week b4 proposed event date. Having said that these are all back to back. They all have a “easy” week to finish but wondering if it would be also prudent to put in a further easy week between the phases. I realise some of it will depend on how my body reacts/feels but looking for a very general idea from others as this is my first year using TR and not sure what to expect.

As coach @chad has said numerous times on podcast, it is not needed - the last week of each plan is a taper week with less TSS (stress).

However, it was also mentioned that if you can afford it timewise, you can also leave some space for unforeseen events (illness, travel, etc.). If everything goes well, you can readjust your plan in new calendar.

I put a week between each of my blocks, even though it’s not needed. It just gives me more flexibility if something prevents me from training during one of the blocks (illness, family commitments, etc.). I can then just reshuffle workouts and even step back if needed, rather than trying to cram extra workouts into the remaining time and risking pushing my training load too high.

It’s also nice to have a week between blocks to assess how well rested and ready for the next block you are. If you still feel tired after the taper week of the previous block then you can spend the extra week doing low stress work and get some freshness back. Conversely, if you’re feeling fresh and ready to go then you can add in some extra interval work to the next block.

Personally, my ideal use of the week is trying to get out on the mountain bike and road bike and do some fun rides away from the trainer so that I’m mentally fresh and raring to go for the next block of structured training.

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