Resistance mode and powermatch

I’m using my Stages cranks as the power source and resistance mode on my Cyclops M2 trainer for any of my sprint/VO2 sessions since the resistance change with power match is too slow/erratic in ERG for 30s sprints.

In my most recent workout I had it set to 35% (or maybe 34%) resistance which means I don’t end up right at the small end of the cassette all the time (might be able to do 30% and a gear harder) but this always means that the rest valleys are considerably higher than prescribed, target ~94W but I’m at 140W. I could drop it but that would mean my cadence would be done in the 60rpm range.

I’m wondering if it is something I’ve mis-set or error with my trainer? The cranks a zeroed regularly and I have done the trainer too, but the floor remains. I’m pretty sure when I used ERG it could drop down enough. I’d prefer to use ERG for it if I could trust it to give me the required set, sometimes it does and other times I loose most the interval noodling about.

When you are experiencing Wattage Floors like this, it just means that you have selected too high of a Resistance Setting. Each resistance % basically has a top end range and a low end range at a given cadence. In this case, your recovery valleys are lower than the low-end limit at 35%, so you’ll need to reduce the Resistance if you want to meet those targets .

Go ahead and try something closer to 25-30% to see if that allows you to meet your recovery goals as well as your interval targets.

Will do, I have Collins +1 tomorrow so that should give a good range.

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