How to know my smart trainer's % resistance being applied during ERG mode?

I have a tacx flux smart trainer… When i do a workout i notice that during rest intervals them target power could go down to 70w… that i can’t actually pedal at that power unless i shift to an easier gear and/or lower my cadence. That tells me just the smart trainer is already trying to make it as low resistance as it can…

Vice versa when i go into a 1’ 450 watt interval, that i may not be able to pedal fast enough to get to that power target and the entire interval i only get to 300w… to hit the power target, i need to shift into a harder gear and/or pedal harder… this tells me that the trainer was running at 100% resistance in ERG mode and it just wasn’t enough resistance to work.

For the 70 watt targets i seem to be needing to be in the 36-27 or 36:28 gear selections while in the 400 watt target intervals i definitely need to be at least in the 36:16 or 36:17 gear… Roughly speaking…

I guess i find this to be sub optimal… Is this normal for tacx flux? Others experience this?

What you are describing are known as “Wattage Floors & Ceilings”. They are the functional limits present in some smart controlled trainers. The resistance unit has a narrow capability in the max/min level it can provide.

This means that some users and workouts will require shifting on the bike to meet the upper and lower limits. It can be a pain, but is a reality that must be handled. This is more common in the mid to lower price units, and the Flux is one that I have seen mentioned in relation to these issues.

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Thanks as always chad! CASE CLOSED & QUESTION ANSWERED! Another happy customer :slight_smile:

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