Ramp Test and Cadence (Too Low?)

For about the first 18-19ish minutes of a ramp test I will spin 90-95rpm but once I get above 19:30 (where I guess you start to see improvements in new FTP) my cadence drops significantly. Is there such a thing as going too low during a ramp test? In other words, if I can still churn pedals at 70 or even lower during those final few minutes/seconds, should I? Or will it skew my results? I’m on erg, so I don’t have to worry about matching power.

I called it quits on my most recent test today once I dipped below 70rpm’s, even though I felt like I could have gone on longer, albeit with a much slower grinder. I did not get an increase in FTP.

You go until your legs stop, whether you want them to or not. And no standing allowed.

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I try to go until I get as low as 65, as long as I’m not hemorrhaging power or dropping cadence quickly.

You can go as low as you can to safely, would be my recommendation. I can’t see much point in going on below 60 rpm.

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With ERG Just keep going until you can’t, regardless of cadence, the computation should take care of everything else.

Last test I did I stopped when I couldn’t maintain 80rpm anymore, that was a mistake as with erg I could have knocked out maybe another minute or two as my cadence dropped. A lesson to myself for next time.

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Ah, so I definitely should have kept going. Thanks for your reply!