Resistance controls on Android?

I usually run TR on my lap top and if I use resistance mode its a simple touch of the left or right arrows to control resistance in workout. I’m thinking tonight I’ll run TR on my phone and keep my laptop clear for streaming. (I tried running TR in mini mode or whatever its is called but my ancient laptop cant handle running TR and the web at the same time). Is there a way on the Android app to control the resistance in workout ?

AFAIK, you have to open the “Devices” at the lower right, change the setting and then return to the app. It’s not fast or convenient, and is why there is an open Feature Request for a better control on mobile apps.

Edit to add the related FR:

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I ended up using my 1030 to control the resistance. The 1030 only controls in 10% blocks but at least its more instant unless I drop sweat on the screen :joy:

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Having something like that would be nice: