Replacing long endurance rides with cross training(rowing, eliptical, swimming)

So now that I’m stuck inside here in Minnesota, my long slow Sunday rides are looking less and less appealing. Anyone here replace them with something else just to spice it up a bit such as rowing, elliptical, or swimming? How has it gone? Do you think I’d be leaving anything on the table by not doing these on a bike?

It’s helpful if training has meaningful purpose and goals to support the work and effort. We all need some variety from time to time, however, if you develop future goals, (race, trip, performance data, etc.), your training will take on a new vitality. Voluntarily cross training (when not injured) can be helpful in clearing the mind to allow yourself time to refocus and plan for these future goals and activities. It won’t replace time on the bike but, as long as you maintain some level of cardio fitness, the time can be very rejuvenating and productive in your long-term planning.

Isn’t the point of TrainerRoad to replace those rides with indoor fun?

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