Replace weekly target TSS with weekly time-in-zone targets

Yesterday, I was short on time so I replaced the scheduled Hunter with Cumberland +1 because they both are about 60mins of sweet spot but Cumberland was 1:15 vs Hunter’s 2hrs.

  • Cumberland +1 is a continuous 60-minute stretch of work between 85-90% FTP nestled inside of a 75-minute workout.
  • Hunter consists of 3x20-minute intervals at 88-92% FTP with 15-minute recoveries between intervals.

Generally, when making (life-happens) adjustments to the week’s schedule I try to keep the weekly TSS goal but as discussed here and other places:

TSS is not really that great for this purpose. The Hunter (TSS 120) vs Cumberland+1 (TSS 85) is one example. The Cumberland+1 is clearly more taxing (no rests!).

This got me thinking that what I would really like displayed are targets for total duration in each zone. On top of that it would be pretty sweet if there was a slider that could let me dynamically and easily adjust (remaining) time-in-sweet-spot vs time-in-endurance for the week.

Something like this?


(Oops, I just realized that the total times don’t add up but you get what I mean. :wink:)

Hey there!

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestion, I will pass your feedback onto the team :+1:.

I did want to clarify one point regarding comparisons between workouts.

TSS and IF work together to paint a more complete picture of the difficulty of a workout. Cumberland has an Intensity Factor of 0.84, while Hunter’s is only 0.78. This shows that Cumberland is a more intense workout, and will be harder to finish.

On the other hand, Hunter is nearly twice as long in duration as Cumberland. As a result, it has a higher overall TSS due to this increased volume and time in the saddle.

Of course, it could still be beneficial to display time in zone, and the team will consider this request along with the other feature requests we receive and our overall development game-plan.


Thank you for the clarification! That helped a ton!

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@JustChooseAwesome I do this manually each week so I can see if I am training in a pyramidal, polarized or threshold manner.

image will do it automagically




@Supermurph19 what are the %s for pyramidal and polarized as per Curious to see what %s they give. I don’t have but keen to try it so I don’t have to do it all manually if it gives you graphs like that.