Repeating SSBMV1 to establish a routine

Hello world!

So I am new to structured training and training with a power meter and have thankfully fallen into TrainnerRoad to help guide this journey. I dabbled with just adding workouts here and there for a few months until about a month ago when I committed to a plan. However, I’m on my last hard week of SSBMV1 and I’m just kinda not feeling it. I ended up skipping 3 days this week and 1 day from last week.

It’s not that the workouts are tough - but just mentally I’m finding it difficult to find motivation - this is probably due to the fact that I quite dislike v02max or suprathreshold efforts as well as stress from architecture school.

Anyway - instead of moving into SSBMV2 I thought to repeat SSBMV1 with the hopes of establishing a routine and discipline to complete ALL the workouts.

Would there be any benefit for doing this or should I move towards MV2 as intended?

I don’t have events or races - but would like to be fast by July or so as I spend my summers in Switzerland and live off a 30% gradient (ouch).

If a rehash of SSBMV1 keeps you on the bike with structure, why not. That’s my take on it anyway.
(As long as you’re making gains, and staying motivated to train).


Having previously been an architecture student (some time ago now!), I can’t imagine being able to do a MV plan at the same time. I wouldn’t under estimate the “life load/ stress” that things like studying and work that contribute to your global stress.

That being said, there might be a school of thought of dropping to SSB LV to build some consistency by ensuring you complete your key workout and then add any additional rides on top when you feel able etc.

SS has a place in training but a new rider trying to establish a proper aerobic base, SSBMV is too much. I would suggest going to a LV plan and adding z2 rides instead of repeating the MV plan that’s often referred to as “actually a build plan” assuming you’re all in with the SS method (if you can tell, I’m not).

Better yet, do a full round of Traditional Base especially if you have the time for a MV plan. All those long boring z2 rides allow for much more volume and much much less fatigue. Bonus? You can study while doing long indoor endurance rides.

Come out of that, then try SSMV again.


Consistency is by far the most important element of training, far more important than the details of which plan you choose.

Choose or create whatever plan you are most likely to complete consistently, and you will get faster.

For example: if you know your normal motivation is to train 3 days/wk, choose a low volume plan. Then add an extra zone 2 ride whenever you want to, but no harm done if you don’t want to.

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