Trainer Sprint Power Limit

I’m using an older Tacx Vortex Smart for the past year or so and Favero Assiom with power match. I’ve been going through some of the 200% FTP sprint progression workouts in the half ironman base plans and seem to be RPM limited on the sprint power. I have pretty consistently handled ~520-540W (470 target) for the 20 seconds, but I always feel like I could handle more.

I am in the big ring (50t) and smallest gear on my cassette (11t). I am averaging ~130rpm for the sprints, and the resistance just kind of melts away. I turn off ERG mode ~10 seconds before the sprint interval.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to go higher power indoors? Or is this just going to be a permanent limit of my setup?

  • OK, so that means you are in “Resistance” mode in the TrainerRoad app, which leads to a piece of info you did not include:

What is the Resistance setting you have set in the TR app? My guess is that you have it at a low value and you can increase it to get more resistance.

Here is what it looks like in the mobile app:

On Win/Mac:

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Here is the key! Thanks so much. I guess mine defaulted to 60% so that was why I couldn’t go any higher power. Hopefully now my sprints can sound a bit less like helicopter takeoffs.