Reminder: Change your bar tape every once in a while! Tell your buddies to change their tape!

I’m sure everyone has heard this a few times, but…
Had a buddy ask for help refreshing his Tarmac SL2. It probably has 30,000+ miles… and likely the original bar tape! The bar tape looked great - great job Specialized. I told him that aluminum bars can corrode, so we needed to check the bars. We cut it off and…

That’s not salt… that’s oxidized aluminum (aka sapphire)

Thinking it was just salt as this point, I sent him to wash the bars in his kitchen sink. 15minutes later (!) he comes back. I see this hole and tell him that his bar is done. I was glad there was a definitive hole in the bars, not a judgement call.

Then I saw these holes and tell him his bar is DONE!!

I then said, “I wonder if I can put some inward force on this?”, giving it a squeeze you’d give a baby or sack of groceries.

This is a road bike in the Chicago area, ridden about 3000mi/year, and maybe 2 x hour long ‘endurance’ level trainer sessions in the winter in the garage.

Tell your buddies to change their tape! You don’t want uglier friends :slight_smile:
Luckily, we saved his face. He was pissed he spent 15 minutes washing the bars, while I wondered how he got them clean without destroying them.


30K+ miles and 3K per year = 10 years. He went TEN YEARS without changing his bar tape? :flushed:


Could be fine if you are a minimal sweater and/or do regular & thorough cleaning. Examples above are more common for bikes used inside on trainers without deep cleaning than outside, but anything is possible with enough sweat in play regardless of location.


Probably 11 or 12 actually. Specialized makes some damn fine tape. Possibly structural tape even.


I missed the “every 10 years” option in the recent poll :rofl:


Sounds legit. My bike is 7 years old with 15K miles on it (50/50 outdoor/indoor). The Specialized bar tape is still like brand new, besides minor scratches from the crash.

a good reason to buy carbon bars.


Friends don’t let friends ride aluminum…

I doubt that is from road salt because otherwise it would everywhere and not just in the hand position.

Heavy sweaters need to wear gloves or get carbon handlebars. Wash said gloves regularly as well. :slight_smile:

I can smell that picture haha



:dizzy_face: My bike has done 25,000miles since I got it at the end of 2018 its only had one tape change. I do have new tape to change though for its next change but given its the first winter Ive used it indoors, maybe I should speed up that change.

Wow. Impressive amount of miles on one bike

My SuperSix has over 30,000 documented under me, I don’t know how many miles before I got it. I only replaced it because I’m tired of changing tubes and I don’t want to invest in a rim brake bike, but I still have it.

A friend of mine has 70,000 miles on one of his bikes.


Good on you guys. Even with my commuters I start to get an itch for something new or different once I get to around 10,000 miles

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I like buying stuff I like and holding onto it. I hate getting something new and having to learn everything about it. Doing that at least once a year would suck (to me).

Also applies to everything else in my life

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Awesome, I got to 41,000miles in 6 years on my last bike before I had the itch for something new. Ive still got the frame and I’m tempted to rebuild it; no way it would get to 70,000 miles though I like the new bike too much :slight_smile:

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Curious what year your SS is? I recently invested in a wheel upgrade for 2019 SuperSix Dura Ace. Got a holiday deal on Winspace Hypers for like $850. Still running latex tubes though.

I don’t know for certain, but probably a 2014.

I say I don’t know because the serial number says 2014. But the frame doesn’t match any pictures of anything in that period. Close, but not the same. And neither does my geo measurements.

But probably 2014 :rofl:

Edit: I love the bike, but not “$1000 on rim brakes” love. I’m done with rim brakes and tubes.

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Besides inside riding, another quick way to corrode your bars is to ride in a hot and humid area, and then store your bike in a humid garage. Bar tape doesnt dry out and super accelerates the whole process. Climate control is your fried