Identify bar tape?

Well, after nearly 2 years the bar tape on my CX needs replacing. I mean, I’m sure it could be a lot worse lol

Anyhow I quite like the tape’s feel and look but have no clue what brand it could be, it’s just stock on the Raleigh. Was curious if anyone knows of any similar looking bar tape,or if you have a particular type you just love for CX feel free to post

Supacaz is my favorite tape. Lots of great colours, and it feels great!

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Arundel Gecko Tape is my current fave.

hard to say but it looks a lot like the Zipp Service Course CX Tape. See link below. That looks like a Trek CX bike by the fork so it could be a Bontrager variant but they are all about the same.

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+1 for zipp sc cx tape. awesome stuff. too bad its overpriced where i live.

What’s the year and model of the bike? Bike specs online usually list the bar tap, unless it wasn’t stock.

Looks a bit like Fabric Knurl…
Which is an awesome tape :slight_smile: