Bar tape stuck to the handlebar

I recently replaced a handlebar on my new Bianchi road bike. It had an aluminum Bianchi branded handlebar and some bar tape, which felt very nice, but appeared to be pretty nasty because it was not coming off from the bar. I replaced the handlebar and wrapped it in a new tape, but I wonder if I can do anything to make my old handlebar clean. See the picture below.

Hairdryer… hot soapy water?, or Autosmarts tar and glue remover.

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some kid of glue remover indeed would be your best bet (or aceton / nail polish remover) I guess…

just rubbing with a (rough) cloth could be enough too

Yes, hot water + an old kitchen brush, then contact cleaner did the job. It’s clean now. Thanks for the tip. This is first time in my life when I see such a bad handlebar tape. It’s a shame that Bianchi installed it on factory.

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No, rubbing it was not enough. Glue remover did not work either. I did not want to use some heavy staff so not to damage the paint. But hot water helped me remove most of it.

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i wish tape removal guides included “use a föhn or heater to warm the tape before removal”. I replaced the stock handlebar tape of my Cube after about 3 years and had the same issue on the left side. Used a föhn to heat the right side before taking it off and had almost no glue remains on that side.

magic eraser?

I use disc brake cleaner, but any sort of solvent should work.

I see tape residue on bars all the time. I wouldn’t blame Bianchi. Glad you found a solution!

Am I alone in just leaving that kind of stuff in place? I mean, I’m about to cover it in new tape, which I want to stick well…

In this case it’s just too thick. I could feel this under a new tape. However I do not need these handlebars and was considering selling it.

I usually buy Fisik or Ritchey tape, which always comes out nicely and actually reusable. I am pretty shocked with what saw in this case.

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I’ve used baby wipes and a lot of elbow grease to get rid of stuck bar tape in the past.