Remco uploads his race power data - Internet breaks

Open Strava file, hit analysis button, scroll to his attack about 1hr 20mins from the end… look at the freaking numbers.

He was between 60 and 62kg at this race.

Do the math, solo on a road bike, on hilly terrain, he averages nearly 47kph with a 400w NP for an hour…

Digest it, then just quit cycling :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m selling my power meter, it’s embarrassing at this stage…


Bananas. And good luck getting in the Top 90 of this Strava segment:rofl:

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How do we know this? Genuine & naïve question.

Nah, that’s just what big-time talent looks like.

The difference between a good Cat 2 with a VO2 of 70 and a Word Tour Pro with a VO2 of 85 is massive. That last 5% on the bell curve is pretty damn steep.

That last 1% between the very top riders of the peloton and the domestiques is steep!

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You could say that about each 1-2% increment after about 90. The difference between each “small” improvement is absolutely huge.

Hold my beer… :wink:

Maybe if someone rides the Worlds Championships next weekend, they’ll have a shot at the KOM. :slight_smile:

My internet seems to be working fine :man_shrugging:

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Okay cool. That’s kind of what I thought. FYI: Athletes lie HARRRRRD about their body weight on sites like that. I’m not saying that Remco did lie (or that whomever recorded his weight there for did lie).

Just saying that it’s very common practice for elite and sub-elite athletes to underreport their weight, in sports like running and cycling.

I’ve seen one world champ (who I’ll leave nameless for privacy reasons) report body weight probably 5-7kg under what actual race weight was. I think they just take the lightest number they’ve seen on the scale in the last year, and report that.

In part, I think it’s wishful thinking. In another part, it can be advantageous to make your competitors fearful of what you might be capable of.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any hard evidence of anyone overstating their weight in cycling, tri, or running.

Maybe in bobsled (I did.) Never hurts to intimidate the opponents a bit. :wink:

Who cares though… still crazy power if he’s reporting a couple kilos light.

It’s equivalent to about a 15-kilogram handicap.

To be honest, I didn’t read the post that carefully. He’s really fast. He does a lot of watts. I’m not really concerned what he says his weight is or is not on Strava, of all things.

I was just putting the difference between a VO2Max of 70 and 85 into context.

Ok, now that context is clear. I think we got hit by bulletin-board-itis.