MvdP powerdata last 800 meters of the Amstel Gold Race

I just wanted to share. Because these numbers are insane after a 258 km race! And when doing most of the work the last 8 km.


800m at 831w for 49s at the end of a 258km race.

Talk about fatigue resistance.

Absolute insanity.


Beast mode! I would love to see the last 10k or so. Must have been over 400w since he was pulling so much. Crazy strong


Cadence is interesting

205% FTP.

DNA lottery winner.



Must be that strychnine in pigeons

Cyclocross gives you some very specific abilities. :blush:

Incredible. He dragged that whole group for so long, and then outsprinted everyone from the front

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Pretty insane if you ask me…


Love that Strava categorizes his relative effort as “historic”!


What I’m always surprised by is the lack of time in Z4 and above heart rate zones. These guys can just live in Z1-3 for days and hardly dip into the higher zones.

6 hour race with almost 12k feet of elevation gain and only spending 47 min (12%) in Z4 heart rate…nuts.

So envious of that.


Curious if he’s going to do XC racing too this year, but he’s got plenty of time to recover for the first event.

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Yeah I thought the same!
I did a 3 hour race past sunday and did almost 50/50 z3/z4 hr!

According to Strava segments he did “final loop AGR 2018”, @ 353w avg with most of the work in the second half of the segment.

Strava sprint segment 600m was 866w avg

Numerous articles are out about his plans

  1. starting mtb World Cup and worlds as stated goals this year
  2. (yesterday) National Team coach says he has a spot for road worlds if he wants it
  3. cx for 2020 season
  4. stated wants mtb gold at Tokyo

He could pull rainbows in road, cx, and xc ala Pauline Pervot if he goes nutso

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Did you notice that someone has flagged the Strava entry? What is up with that?

Here are the charts and stuff from the Strava just in case it gets taken down:

(Last 20km or so)


A: there’s a lotta dicks on Strava.

That was the average. His ‘lead out’ was most of that; his actual sprint was only 15s or something like that.

The crazy part is that for the last ~5% he isn’t pedalling, just coasting, no power…so his output is even greater!

Probably Alaphilippe flagged it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: