Relocated to Berlin - looking for German cycling community tips

Hello, I just relocated to Berlin a few months ago. Soon, my shipment, including bike and trainer will make it over here as well. I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of local cycling group or give any tips or wants to meet up for an outdoor ride anytime?

Can’t wait to get back to training after almost 6 months of complete stop!

Appreciate the help,


Generally, there’s a lot going on in Berlin. Currently, not so much on a group ride level due to Covid restrictions.

Classic meeting spots are Kronprinzessinnenweg (Krone), Tempelhofer Feld, Ostkrone.

Mailing list with announcements for group rides (predominantly German messages, though):

Rapha Clubhouse offers many rides (primarily for RCC members, I suppose).

Standert shop rides:

Flux RC cycling club:

And many smaller groups/clubs that you might find on Strava or get to know once you’ve been riding in Berlin for a while.

Not sure what can be found on Facebook since I don’t use it.


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Thanks @Kofi. I will certainly check these out in the meantime. Appreciate it.

Welcome in Berlin! There are so many great roads around the city, smooth asphalt as far as the eye can see (but oh so flat :grin::grimacing::blush:) You’ll love it!

It’s quiet on the group ride front for now as said above, but quite a lot of rides to chose from in normal times.

Additional resources:

Thank you @dmalanda, I appreciate it. I look forward to the next few months when maybe people will start getting together again and going for some rides, Covid permitting.
Maybe see you then, and yes, the roads are spectacular. The first purchase was a used 80 euro bike which has been my transportation system thus far, regardless of distance!
Thanks, Happy New Year!

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I’m not local, but a friend of mine sometimes takes part at the “Standert” Bicycle Thursday Rides: (Not atm because of covid restrictions, but hopefully in spring again). Probably a good spot to link up with like-minded folks. They also have a few routes on their page:

Have fun and welcome to Germany!

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Thursday Standert rides tend to be pretty much full gas. I’ve crossed paths with them several times and they were flying. “Competitive” atmosphere, you know what I mean. AFAIK their Saturday rides are more relaxed.

Aspire (bike rental) used to organize nice saturday rides with a more friendly/relaxed mindset. Brewdog brewery (Mitte) took over two years ago and the rides finish with a beer there and a prize draw for a beer. There is a MeetUp group for those.

Check also Listnride, Tortuga Cycles and [pedal]. They all have Strava groups and upcoming rides are posted there.

You will love Berlin and all it has to offer cycling wise, despite being almost as flat as a pancake.

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