Moved to Geilenkirchen Germany and need advice on cycling in the area

I was just stationed in Geilenkirchen germany and I am looking for any advice on routes, clubs to train with or any advice for riding in Germany.

Also I am interested in bike packing routes and cool bike tours to do with the wife. Stuff like vineyard tours or this inGambia type rides.

Thank you for all of the help.

I’d look on strava for clubs, look at who has KOMs as they’ll know the routes and where to go; do a bit of Strava stalking and you’ll find tons of info. Crush it dude

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Welcome to Germany and thanks for your service!
I was living in Cologne pre consumer gps devices therefor I don’t have any routes at hand but for pikepacking I wouldn’t go east from Geilenkirchen. I would ride into the direction of Eifel (south) or the Ardennes (Southwest) or to the west, in the direction of North Sea.

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I don’t live there but some mates do. They use Komoot to plan their routes and seem to be fairly happy with it. Guess it’s worth a try. Perhaps also Strava if you got their premium subscription.

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I second Komoot. It’s actually a German company. It’s quite popular and there are a lot of ratings for the different streets. This gives you a good idea about popular routes.

An other advise: In Germany it’s super easy to take your bike on trains. Some even have dedicated bike-cars. You might have to buy a ticket for a couple of EUR. So a weekend in the Alps is just a few hours away for you.

If you want some hills, ride down south. This area is pretty nice:

Regarding bikepacking. One of the most famous routes is riding along the Rhine (flat and a lot of dedicated cycling paths). Probably it’s also popular because it’s populated with vinyards. Head over to Cologne, ride down south via Bonn, Koblenz (and get a new Canyon or just visit their store, it’s quite nice) and continue to Mainz! Good times!


Are you able to bike in that park?

Thank you so much for the advice. We are going to go to that park this weekend.

I would echo komoot and also suggest strava heat maps. I would subscribe for these two for a year until you make regular routes for yourself and learning the environment.
Another point is having a proper head unit to get car like navigation.
These things really payback if your time is limited and trying to maximize the fun outside.

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