Cycling routes/group rides in Copenhagen Denmark

Hi All,

Going to be spending the next two months in Copenhagen staying in Carlsberg and was wondering if anyone knows of some good routes. Strava and kamoot are only getting me a handful of recommendations so far so wanted to see if there were any locals that had some advice. Also if there are any specific group rides I should check out, only able to find the Saturday rapha ride currently.

Last question for the locals, I know in some countries the law says you shouldn’t use flashing bike lights. What’s the situation in Denmark? Is it okay to use the flash settings or should you just keep them set to a steady beam.

Thanks all, looking forward to being in a massive cycling region for a while

Hi there,
I’m danish and live in Copenhagen, so I think I can give you some info.

AFAIK there are no rules banning flashing lights here in Denmark. Plenty of people ride with Garmin Varia and other kinds of flashing lights.
It IS however required to have a bell on your bike, and people will appreciate if you use it when you need to pass them on the road and bike lanes :slight_smile:

Most of the serious road cyclists here are part of a club The clubs have group rides/training on tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday. I can recommend clubs if you are interested.

There are also group rides starting from shops or cafe. You already know about Rapha, but here are two other options.

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Oh and this article has three good local routes that you could check out (as well as more recommendations for group rides).

The “Airport Loop” from the article is my go-to when I don’t have time to join club rides. Should also be really easy for you to reach if you are living in Carlsberg Byen. Let me know if you want me to show you the loop :slight_smile:

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Also a dane here - I actually checked up on the blinking lights recently - mostly because I don’t see the point in them, when I’m in a car. Especially if they blink slowly, you just might miss them…

And it seems I’m not the only one: The only rule there is about blinking lights is, that they need to be blinking at least 120 times a minute. Whether or not that’s enforced is a question, because I see many that are definitely slower than that.

In general, there are actually a few strict rules for light: How much light they give off, they should be visible from the sides, if on battery they must live up to this for at least 5 hours on a charge(!) but honestly, I see so many lights that are not up to these standards, that I wouldn’t worry, as long as you have decent lights when necessary, you won’t get in trouble.

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I have a followup question - I’m recently moved to Copenhagen and considering starting training again. Can anybody recommend any good places to do 20 min intervals outdoors, without interruptions from traffic lights or other road junctions? Happy to use a shorter loop, but is possible would like to be able to escape from the turbo now some sunshine has arrived.