Garmin Vector 3 or Favero Assioma power based pedals?

I’ve read the reviews and comments on DC Rainmaker but would love to hear if anyone has purchased either of these in the last 6 months and what your experience has been?
The price on the Vector 3’s has come down enough for me to now consider them over the Favero’s, which I was going to pull the trigger on at the end of the month.


Get the Assioma. I had the Vector 3 and had them replaced twice. On my final set that also went bad I asked Garmin to refund the entire purchase - which they did. I have had no issues in 6 months with my Assioma after a year of issues with Vector 3.

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I’m thinking of picking up a pair of the Assioma’s, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that they were a bit finicky with clipping in (or maybe it was unclipping) with Look cleats. Can any current users comment?

Two sets of Assiomas for the last year. Not a single issue. I think that they are great.

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I have the Assiomas great bit of kit

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Have the Assioma’s and have found them very good. They miss the pedal offset in Cycling Dynamics, but that is not an issue for me. Would happily buy again

Thanks you all. So I’m looking at the Assioma’s now and I see they offer 6 degree and 0 degree offset float cleats…no idea what that means as I ride flats on my MTB. Can anyone give me a quick breakdown of the difference?

You want float. It is the amount of rotation from perfect center that your foot can twist before hitting the ejection point on the cleats/pedals. The float is there to keep strain on the knees down.

0* is not recommended for most users and requires a “perfect” alignment to prevent knee pain.


6 degree cleats (which I use) allow you to rotate your feet 6 degrees in either direction before they unclip. Zero degree cleats allow almost no rotation. So, which ones you use depends on how straight your feet are on the pedals when you ride. I ride about 8 degrees heel in. So, I rotate the cleats as far as they will go on the shoe- which is a lot less than 8 degrees- and then let the float make up the rest.

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Thanks all. Assioma with 6 degree float it is.


I have had the Assioma’s for a couple of years, and found the clip-release tension pretty stiff moving from SPD-SL’s. After one clip stack, I reduced the tension to the minimum setting and have had no further problems. My understanding is that the slightly updated pedal body (July 2019) now allow a lower tension adjustment.


Good info, thanks @mcalista. As an SPD-SL guy, really just weighing picking up the Assioma’s vs waiting on a SPD-SL based PM.

Yes, got the Unos a few months back, got approx 60 hours from first charge, fit and forget is exactly what they are. I use the grey Look cleats.

I think you may be waiting a while for an SPD-SL PM, as Shimano seem to have the patent down pretty tight.

The way I looked at it, cleats are a consumable item, so unless you have multiple bikes which you intend to run some with pedal based PM’s and some without, switching systems is not huge if you are considering a pedal based PM.

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Used to be convinced that I wouldn’t ride anything other than SPD-SL after switching from Speedplay. Surprised to realize that my bias of Shimano SL superiority was all in my head after moving to Assiomas. Very happy with the feel, entry, exist etc. And if I want non PM inexpensive and Assioma-cleat compatible pedals Xpedo has a good selection – the Assoima cleats are an OEM Xpedo model.

Unless, of course, I’m a victim of confirmation bias to justify my decision :grin: FYI, I have the updated bodies.

I’ve been using Assioma Duos for almost 6 months now and so far they’ve been bullet-proof.

It was between these and the Vector 3s, with my head telling me to go Garmin, but my heart saying listen to the reviews and go with Assioma. To be honest, the main hang up I had was with the appearance of the Assiomas, with the pod on the axle. However, once you’re clipped in and spinning, you quickly forget its there.

Accuracy-wise, they are spot on with my Kickr and a huge improvement on my L Only Stages.

The pedals that shipped to me had the updated springs in the clip (black as opposed to silver) and I’ve had no issues with tension.

The only slight issue I had was due to the Favero bearings. They are smooth as hell, meaning that the pedal spins like crazy. Initially, I found that getting my cleat in position to engage the pedal was slightly more challenging than with my old SPD-SL Pedals, which just seemed to always be on the right position. Anyway, after a few rides, I got used to this.

As for the cleats, I have 2 pairs of shoes, one fitted with the red Xpedo Cleats that shipped with the pedals, the other using Look Keo Grip 4.5°. Both sets of cleats work, but I’d say that the Xpedo cleats have marginally better engagement/disengagement.

Lastly, the couple of times I contacted Favero support for advice, they were on the ball :+1:t2:


I want to love the Vector 3… they look great. But the Assioma continue to prove themselves over and over and over again. Project Assioma MTB pedal hack is underway too (as seen in this forum).


Another vote for the Assiomas. Got a set of Duos in September at they have been “fit and forget”. The pods are invisible when clipped in and barely noticeable when not as the colour and curve arc radius matches well with my carbon Chorus crankarm end arc radius.

I switched from Vector 2S and I love having the dual sensing system. Using the grey Look grip cleats with no issues with getting in and out (I have the new pedal body/spring model).

Hyped for this video!


You and me both! :slight_smile: I’ve just discovered the gravel trails around here!