Reduce FTP/Kg, Maintain FTP

OK, So I’m a 51 year-old male at 77 Kg who’s ‘A Race’ will be Haute Route Alps in August 2019. This will be my third season of TR and I’ve found in the previous two that once I get to a certain FTP (lets say 300 W), the longer duration VO2 Max, Supra-Threshold workouts really start to give me joint pain, either at high or low cadence.

As I’m going to be doing an event that will be all about the climbing, I really want to shed 7 Kg as a minimum, but keep my FTP in the 290-300 W range. What plan scheme do you think is best to maximising weight loss while maintaining FTP. I am in the excellent position that I can cope with high TSS loads and can commit all my time and energy to whatever training, nutrition (Endurance Diet!) and PT/recovery is necessary.

Since it happens no matter the cadence, I’m guessing that the FTP has nothing to do with it. It’s likely all the previous months work (TSS) to get to that point that’s the culprit. You’ll need to address what’s the cause as soon as it arises. Can you actually handle longer VO2 at 275w? Is it the duration, intensity, previous TSS, form on the bike st VO2?