Redo build+build+build until covid stops cancelling races?

So sort of Covid related (althogh lots of races cancel for other reasons too), seems my A race (hilly half IM) early May is a no-go, next option end of June (pancake flat HIM), which may also be cancelled.

I was just about to shift from build to to 8weeks of Specialty on the half distance HV tri plan, doing the June race As a backup would create an extra 7 week window, where I was thinking to tepeat final 7w build weeks there again, with ramp adjusted FTP. But what if this June race gets cancelled too? And the next? Do I just switch to a holding pattern in build, upping ftp gradually, redoing 8 weeks over and over, then finally, when a race clears the virus ban and gets run, I switch to specialty 8 weeks prior race date? Background is I have had a good run with continuous training since early November, hate to let it go. So how to best conserve/increase fitness while waiting for a yet unannounced race date? Could be between now and October even…

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