Recovery Week Support Group

Hi, my name is Steve and I’m in my recovery week. I’m tired and cranky and hungry all the time. My body hurts in weird places and I’m having strange cravings.


Hi, Steve!

I had the same affliction a few weeks ago but luckily my Higher Power showed me the way to the Ramp Test last Tuesday. No more Stinkin’ Thinkin’. One day at a time.


Hi, my name is Joe and I did my first ride of my recovery week today. It was a very boring 1 hour 30 in which I couldn’t decide what to watch on YouTube so I just stared at the countdown timer instead.


I’m in trainer limbo currently with the Tacx Neo Bike delay so I’m just longingly looking at the Ramp Test like a croissant locked inside a glass box with holes, so I can smell the warm crusty butter.


I’m firmly in the camp that a 90 minute easy ride is way harder than a 90 minute hard ride


I inherited a set of cheap rollers recently and decided to do my recovery week on them to mix it up (coming of a bit of a low in the last 2 SSB2 weeks). Total game changer. Time flew by, I challenged myself to practice drinking without deviating my line at all, getting stuff off my desk, and throwing bottles away without swerving. They’re the cheap kind (not the whatever elite whatever they’re called) so any kind of weight redistribution comes with a jolt of adrenaline. Seriously, even 2 hours of endurance were more fun than on the turbo.


I’m still working on my endurance on the rollers. I love the mental stimulation, but after about an hour I’m pretty much done, partially because I’m not good at getting out of the saddle yet to relieve pressure.

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How often are you mixing in a recovery week?

that explains it, I’ve had 4 recovery weeks in a row :rofl: OTOH off-the-bike knee/hip work is starting to show results, so for now I’m good playing the long game :crossed_fingers:


I’m 3:1 right now, but the past couple of weeks have hit a much wider variety of systems (I have a coach but use TR for analysis, planning, programming workouts, etc). I’ve had some sprint and anaerobic work alongside sweet spot work so my bread has been squished in every direction.


Ive been sick for last 3 weeks, but had my first solid ride yesterday and felt good, 1500 vm climbing, about 3 hours.

Mentally feeling good again as have my A event in 5 weeks.

Have abandonded the Build Plan and swicthing back to SSB - HV for next 4 weeks. Today is supposed to be ramp test.

Not at work either so went for a walk. Im thinking Ill skip the ramp test and do Carillon +2 tonight instead of tommorrow :slight_smile: While not ideal, good for mental health. :slight_smile:

While im not in recovery week, being sick for 3 weeks is same depressing scenario!



This my first time actually where I felt I needed a recovery week. Shortened version of yesterday’s planned ride and punted today. Don’t feel bad about it at all. Eating less and eating well. Not all IPAs and ice cream. Feels good. I really was getting beat down and I normally really enjoy training. Looking forward for an easy few more rides and then back focusing on real work.


I’m in my recovery week also. But my energy is through the roof! This time I use this recovery week as a mini taper for a race this Saturday. I did SSBHV1.

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Recovery week, AKA. the week I learn about all the reasons why my bike fit sucks and I need a new seat


I feel terrible. Just want to get back on the bike.

Ugh, first time where the Recovery week is a drag. I’m moody, cranky and just want to train, but I have to do recovery rides. I guess I can just drown myself in gravy and pumpkin pie :pie:.

It does get better, we do get to ride again. Stay tough chaps. [just finished first ride of SSB II today (Ebbetts) it was glorious]

I just finished workout nr 2 in SSBHV2 today was ok, yesterday was horrible :skull: . 5 weeks to next recovery :laughing:

There’s light at the end of the tunnel! I did a recovery 5 days last week (I find it impossible to ride easy at the weekends but do have a power nap…). Felt cranky as hell by Friday. But did a ramp test and got an unexpected 5W boost. And then had a great weekend, Saturday I was wreaking havoc on my usual drop group ride, Sunday I did a local 11.5 mile TT and knocked 20 seconds off my course PR with an average speed of 28.2mph. So it’s worth it! The challenge of course is remembering all this next month, but I’ve managed to schedule the next recovery over Christmas, so hopefully that will help…

Recovery week falls on the Disaster day weekend this time, way to spice up the Pettit’s and Boarstones :upside_down_face:

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