Recovery week rides outside

Hi TrainerRoad’rs.
Next week is a recovery week in my Climbing Road Race plan. I’d like to replace these sessions with low intensity outdoor rides and associate the rides with the corresponding sessions in my calendar. I don’t have power on my bike and don’t use the outside workouts feature, so basically riding unstructured.

My question is, will AT still recognise these workout as completed if I associate them with my plan sessions, and will it adversely affect my upcoming FTP estimation (no more ramp tests for me)?


You can do outside rides by RPE rather than power.

I don’t know if not having a PM outside will affect FTP estimation, but completed outside rides do influence progression levels.


If you mark the outside workouts as “completed”, it gives you credit for how the workout was structured…basically a pass / fail option. If you don’t make it as completed, then no credit for it.


Do you have a heart rate monitor? If yes, then I actually prefer heart rate to power when riding outdoors. Set yourself a heart rate maximum, e. g. 135 bpm or 139 bpm. If you are living somewhere flat, you can also go 130 bpm. Then simply ride for various amounts of time.