Recommend me a test

I’m in the recovery week of Base 2 having planned my 2020/21 season out using Joe Friel’s Cyclist Bible.

I did the AeT test outside during the recovery week of Base 1. The result was:
151bpm (30 beats below LTHR)
3.3% Pw:Hr

The weather this week is pretty rubbish so my planned 20’ outdoor FTP test isn’t very appealing. What test would you recommend?

Why are you testing during a recovery week? You should be recovering

It’s what is recommended… From experience, 5 days of rest/recovery/easy rides is plenty to then feel up for a hard effort.

If You have a Turbo trainer, even a dumb trainer, you can do a ramp test.
Do you have a power meter? ( You are quoting 233NP)

If You have a Power meter and Heart rate monitor, You can do the indoor test.

5min at 100 watts, add 15 watts every minute there after, keep doing until you fail, Record your heart rate too you can plot them to do a deflection plot or you take 75% of the final average wattage over 1min and you will get your FTP. Hi I Should say the same as the last reply Only test at the end of the recovery week before starting your next training block

Yeah, there’s no reason why I couldn’t do a ramp test.

I’m planning to do a test on Saturday.