Recovery/easy week weight gain?

Is it expected to go up say 1-2kg during the easy/recovery weeks? Kind of disappointing when it’s ramp test day first up after the break and I’ll potentially be a little heavier.

I assume on the easy week it’s good to wind back the calories a touch - but not overdo it?

You should adjust your calorie intake accordingly but not at the detriment of the recovery week.

In theory you’ll need less carbs but the goal is to recover and prime for the next block of training so seeing a little residual gain from replenishing glycogen and associated water weight shouldn’t be a worry.

It will be relative to the volume of your regular training and also your recovery week.

If you know your maintenance calorie intake, TDEE and have a (reliable) kj/cal burn from each ride the math isn’t difficult :sunglasses:


This should be around your daily weight variation anyway, if your average has moved up its probably water retained that you’re usually sweating out - don’t worry.

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I find about the same change, and I use a rolling average for weight by weighing daily. So, what I mean is the average tends to go up 1-2 kg on rest week. All I can figure is that it has to do with glycogen storage. During hard weeks, we’re probably continually glycogen depleted (despite best re-fueling efforts), so the water necessary for glycogen storage is also depleted. On rest weeks, our glycogen is all topped up, and so is the water. That’s just my fairly uneducated theory.

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There are about 8000 calories in 1 kg of body fat. As the difference between a training block week and a recovery week is far less than 8000 calories (especially if you are scaling back your ride and post-ride nutrition in a recovery week), you can be sure it isn’t fat gain.

@aarontator’s theory has some merit, but I would also add that less electrolyte loss during a recovery week means your body’s sodium (salt) levels will likely be higher than, and more sodium = more retained water, which will also likely result in an increase in the scale.

Both of these effects should reduce significantly after your first hard workout in the next training block.


Thanks for the responses everyone!

Well… Tuesday morning, start of the new block without any training since Saturday and the weight is just about back to normal.

I wasn’t feeling 100% last week either, so I’m sure something else was going on.

Good point about the electrolyte loss. That makes a lot of sense, especially for those of us who are heavy sweaters.

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