Recovery Drinks, Overtraining, Beginner Racing and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 288

You should fuel everything you do. The better recovery you have the more work you can do.

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That makes sense. Is there a basic formula other than the 4:1 carb/protein guideline, such as burn 300 cals, drink 300, or something like that?

You’re trying to get the ~20g of protein with the 4:1 ratio. You don’t scale it based on intensity/duration. What I do is hit my 90g/hour of carb during the workout then have the recovery drink afterwards. For recovery workouts I’ll knock it down to 50g/hour. Pre-workout I’ll try to eat enough to cover what I can’t eat on the bike.

Workouts are to get stronger. If you’re trying to lose weight… do it not on the bike.

I’m never trying to lose weight. But at 5’ 9" 145lbs. I’m not sure I could consume that much for a 50%-FTP 1-hour ride, but it sounds like I should definitely be doing more than I’m doing. Thanks!

Thanks @Nate_Pearson and @ambermalika. I think I probably do some of this already but feel guilt about whether carb restriction and/or vegan is the best way to go. Pretty sure now I know what the answer is - more data on myself. I’ve avoided diet tracking for a while and I think I need a bit of a reset to understand both what I do and how i feel in life and training.

FYI this is off the back of eating some of my sons leftover oatmeal porridge before a threshold workout and feeling AMAZING through what I would have ordinarily struggled with. Having said that I’m also 1kg up from my weigh-in 2 weeks ago…

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I understand what you’re saying, but just to clarify, carbs don’t make you fat. Maybe refined carbs make it easier to get fat, but making a blanket statement about carbs as a whole is never accurate. It would be very hard to get fat eating carrots, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Source of carbohydrates matter.


The extra 1kg could be from added glycogen and water.

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I read some studies suggesting caffeine intake after workout improves glycogen replenishment, so is coffee after workout a yay or a nay?

Totally. I’ve been simplistic because as I really think I should keep a food diary (and an activity log) as there’s more than one thing going on here. I don’t have as good a perspective as I ought to.

@Nate_Pearson your description of the heart rate phenomenon/feeling when over-extended sounds identical to my experience. When getting over-extended, I get a strange heaving/light sensation in my chest with an increase in my resting heart rate and reduced heart rate variability. I also would start to describe my body and brain as feeling “fried,” although I don’t have a better description that, just kinda “frazzled.” When I get that sensation, I know I am headed for disaster (sickness and/or injury) within 2 weeks if I don’t alter my plan.

I have not found it to be correlated with number of hours training, but rather with frequency of higher-than-endurance efforts.

Has anyone found an actual physiologic description of this?

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Is this the episode where everyone went through their favorite recovery drinks? If so, what were they?

There is so much debate about fueling the workouts, eating before, during and after etc. etc., but then again, I did Townsend today and at about 1:12:00 the workout text said “You have to earn your carbs”.
This was just one statement in a whole segment about not needing fuel for shorter, easier rides. So, yeah, I know you don’t HAVE TO fuel (and I don’t), but kind of contradictory :thinking: :thinking:

Chad said it in the last podcast, you don’t have to fuel short endurance workouts like Pettit. That’s a general recommendation, so probably it’s fine to do in Townsend and longer workouts for more experienced athletes.

Personally, I can do two hours at Z2 or slightly more without eating anything. However, if it’s a longer ride I pay the price later even if I start fuelling at two hours in.

Having to ‘earn’ carbs eg to avoid fat gain and also fueling workouts (optional fueling ‘on the bike’ for z1/2) sound mutually exclusive / not contradictory to me.