Recovery drink in the evening

Hello everyone,

Still pretty new on TR but enjoying it so far!
I’am currently on Zweet Spot Base low volume
Recently started tracking my kcal and really looking after my diet.
I wanna lose some weight, not really setting a goal, but 5kg untill the spring would be a good start
(Currently on the more heavy side).

I got my nutrition pretty much on point losing between 0.5kg and 1kg each week.

I also bought my first recovery shake for when i am done with my “harder” workouts.

Because of my work schedule i have to do my workouts past 7-8PM

Question is…

should i take my recovery drink this late in the evening? and make it fit in my macro’s? Because they look pretty high on carbs.

I read somewhere i should try and avoid carbs on the late evening? Is this true or false?

Really trying to improve as much in fitness as i can while on a diet but it feels hard.


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If your recovery shake is protein heavy and carb light , I don’t see a problem.

We are all different but I routinely had a large gainer mixed in skim milk right before bedtime when I was into bodybuilding. I had a hard time putting on muscle and had to eat a lot to gain muscle so I had to take every opportunity to feed myself.

For me it worked well as the gainer was easily digestible because of basically no fat. I have found that regular food higher in fat and fiber really affect my sleep.

I think you have to try if it works for you but I think the odds are on your side.

Im general, if it fits your macros ot doesn’t matter. In this case, I’d say have the shake. This will help with recovery- are you also eating a full on meal afterwards?

If your main goal is shedding some excess weight, then prioritize the overall calorie deficit. Have your shake and recovery.


There’s very little practical reason to take a recovery shake if you aren’t working out again in the next 12-18 hours. Your glycogen will restock ahead of your next session regardless

As such, unless you’re planning a morning activity I’d say skip it

Im not an expert on nutrition/ weightloss but IIRC there was a podcast on recovery drinks. The message was something like skipping it would lead to more binging on less healthy food in its absence.

Like the OP, I workout in the evenings, and I always have my sis rego protein shake afterwards.

Helps that I love the taste of it and I really see it as a reward.

It doesnt effect my sleep and I haven’t gotten fat :slight_smile:

Plenty of research on this if you google.

If you want the ELI5:

Protein before bed for most people on this forum.
Recovery drink before bed if you’re training immediately on waking.

Both result in less catabolism overnight / sarcopenia / more skeletal muscle retention in trained and untrained athletes.

I tend to just like a pint of semi skim or some plain kefir before bed.