Recovery between events

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Happy New Year to you all!

I appreciate that tapering has been covered in previous posts, but I have question about recovering between big events in the year.
I am due to take part in a 3 -day stage road race between the 29th and 31st of May 2021 (Approx 110 miles per day) - this is/was my planned A-race for the year.
Another event has cropped-up on the 6th of June (5 days later) and I am very interested in potentially doing this.

My concern is the ability to recover in time for the 2nd event ( 5 days).

Just wondered if anyone could share their thoughts/knowledge on whether this is possible or whether I would be biting off more than I could chew…



You will have put in over 200/250Tss per day from the A event. This will take a lot out of your legs.
I after events of 350TSS have had a gentle massage the next again day, then a very easy day ride the next day after massage, then a rest day, easy ride again, Then i find the DOMS have eased enough to do a harder ride by day 4.
You might find that there is some heavy legs feeling, but take the first 30 minutes to ease into the event.

If you are finding it hard, you can just ride the event easy and use it as a recovery or even duck out and write as a bad experience.

You will have to have fueled well in between the events.

I have an massage Gun which is great for reducing any specific area that needs extra massaging.


you actually might be flying for that second race.

jun 1 - recovery
june 2 - easy, endurance maybe if feeling good
june 3 - openers and endurance, 90-120m total ride. if you feel good, it’s be great to do 2 x 10m of FTP work, but I don’t know enough about you and your training so Less is More in this situation
june 4 - recovery
june 5 - openers (1h total, 5 x 20-30s @ 120%, NOT HIGHER)
june 6 - SMASH


5 days is enough. Legs might feel super heavy during rest days, but with race day adrenaline trust they’ll come around. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for your advice. Think I am probably going to give it go. :grimacing:
I probably have time to simulate the load from the first multi-stage event and see how I recover for the other - just as a test. :wink:



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