Recovering from Epstein Barr Virus

Hi there!

First post here, and an immediate cry for help!
(Ok that’s me overreacting).

Long story short, 2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with EBV, and besides its funny nickname (the kissing disease), I’ve sadly come to realise it’s more serious and a longer healing progress then what I would have thought it would be.

Little bit about me for a quick intro: Women elite cyclist road, train about 10-16hours a week whilst working.

The symptoms itself have been ok-ish, besides the first week of fever and flu like symptoms. I’ve been reasonably ok. What’s left now is me
Being a bit more tired than what i’m used to, and my throat feeling like it’s being stabbed.
According to the doctor it’s been in my system for a couple of weeks, but it was at its “peak” when I consulted her. (At least i’m peaking this season😂).

I’ve been off training since the first of Jan and was advised by my sports doctor to lay off until the end of the month!

Now to the question, who else has experienced this? Any tips? Supplements? How long did it stayed in your system?

I know it’s different from everyone, but every bit of help is welcome.

Cheers guys!

I had it in high school and I was pretty run down for about 3 months. I would randomly fall asleep in class, didn’t really leave the house on weekends except to go to work, etc. I was also playing tennis during this time and my performance suffered a lot.

After that point, it probably took another 6 months to go from 85% to feeling 100% again.

I’d recommend listening to the doctor and just resting during this time.

That’s what mark Cavendish had and he took a long time to get over.

Different people have different experiences, When I was at university I caught it and was bed bound for 6 weeks, then it took me a long time to come right, whereas a friend of mine had a week off work and was fine again… go figure!

I’ve had it (around age 17). It’s also called “Mono” in the US, and “Glandular Fever” here in Australia.

I’m 38 now and I’m sure it still contributes to added fatigue when I get run down and sick. Took about 12 months to get over to the point I could resume normal exercise and activities.

Best advice - don’t overdo it. Listen to your body very acutely. It can turn into chronic fatigue if you’re not careful.

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One word - Glutamine.

Suffered with lethargy and chronic fatigue for months after a virus. Went to the GP, ran bloods, etc. etc. and the only thing that showed up was the EBV marker. She suggested Glutamine to treat, claimed she tells “all her patients”, blah, blah.

So yep, 1 week later (continuing to train through) it had already worked, was bouncing up the walls and full of energy. So my n=1 study says this is a winner. Even if it is a placebo, I’m carrying a full distance training load now without hassle. Just went with the Musashi brand, 1 teaspoon with water in the morning.

There was a word of caution, apparently as this plays a part in cellular regeneration, if there are any cancer signs (blood in stool, etc.) stop taking immediately. Other than that, give it a shot - only have $20 to lose!

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Do some research on Monolaurin. Some studies have shown promising antibacterial and antiviral properties and it has specifically been tested in laboratory settings for usage against EBV, amongst many other viruses and bacteria.

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Will order, worth a try! Cheers mate

I also went through a bout (8+ years) of chronic fatigue syndrome. In about 40% of cases, childhood viruses like EBV and roseola can re-activate. Doc put me on an antiviral (for 13 months), and supplemented with Inosine (at 1500mg I think); also did glutathione

Hi, I would like to share my symptoms… i got it almost 6 months back… still suffering…

major symptoms i faced are Body pain and that too sharp pain all over the body… mainly shoulder, back of the body, collar bone area… also sharp pain over throat area (not sore throat… i never had it), tongue sores - this really scared me. it comes and goes. initially tongue got whitish… later it got better, but followed by mouth sores. also couple of times tounge was swollen… the other issue was underarm bumps (lymph nodes and pimples) and also painful lymph nodes under the chin… still i am suffering… either of these issues keeps on coming and disappearing… initially i did all the test and all results were perfect… i googled and learned about this virus… then i went for ebv and Cytomegalovirus test and got +ive for ebv…
i learned that it manifest differently on individuals… to be honest i am really scared…

Hey Jerin

EBV comes in so much forms and shapes.

I had the 2 most awful months of my live going through it. Because besides the physical pain, the self isolation gets you down as well.

However, i’m hoping I’ve got some good news for you.

Because I’ve been back training for 7 weeks now, and literally feel myself getting stronger. It’s like this 20kg weight that fell of me. My lymph nodes still get a bit swollen if there’s something ringing inside, but it’s a warning sign and I act up on it. I take extra REST.

What worked for me (and may not work for you, but worth a try: eliminated everything bad from my diet. No sugars, no unhealthy fats. Just veg, protein and some Carbs.

Supplements I took and still take are: Glutamine, probiotica, vit d, vit c, folic acid and b12(helps with the tiredness).

And I got a Whoop device, which helps me a lot with recovery and fitness.

Keep your head up, listen to your body. Worse days might come. But it’s a momentarily thing. You will get better and fitter than before. Trust me.

Take care

(Sorry for my English, not my main language).


Hi Ayse…

thank you for your kind reply…

all these months i was only googling symptoms and complications of EBV and never thought of checking any forums discussing this issue. today i had a thought of it and searched for forums discussing this topic… and honestly today i felt a lot better. because today after reading others experiences i got that belief that this too will pass and i will recover…

definitely i will try ur suggestions…

again thanks for the reply…

Jerin :slight_smile:

No worries.

I know where you’ve been. There’s so much going on inside your head and body, and no one or no medicine can really help you.

Drink loads, stay healthy and go outside.