My chronic EBV demon

I took my second FTP test today and felt a lot of happiness and sadness at the same time, and just felt the need to write my first post here.

I began having unexplained fatigue almost 4-5 years ago (I’m 39 now) and spent a couple of years going from doc to doc in search for the cause. 2 years ago, I got my first EBV blood markers read, and have been dealing with high levels ever since. Apparently my body will not let it go fully dormant and it’s been beyond challenging to try and have an active lifestyle & managing it.

For years, doctors would tell me, “you’re a healthy young man, just take it easier”. But I had been doing long distance/endurance running/riding since my late teen’s, so I knew my performance shortfalls meant something was wrong. It was beyond frustrating to be told I looked healthy.

I’m grateful to have a doctor now who at least has a really good bedside manner and has helped me find the problem. Yet with no real solution, it’s been really hard to stay positive each time the virus flares up causing me to take 2-3 months off. Then when I start back up, I feel like I’m starting biking for the first time ever.

I started Trainerroad, crazily at my lowest, as a way to better gauge my exertion and learn more about pacing myself, which I’ll admit I never played close attention to b/c I never really struggled with it. I always found a balance to train for numerous century’s and MS150 rides by just following my resting heart rate and listening to my body.

With my FTP now up to 141 from 90 almost a year ago, I’ll take it as a sign to keep going. I’m grateful for the 20-30 miles a week I can get in, though I’ll admit in my head all I think of often while riding is how I did 100+ routinely just a few years back. It is getting better though in letting it go.

As I start my next round of managing and moving forward, I would really welcome any advice or expectations to help guide me.


There’s an over the counter product called Lauricidin that has been shown to be effective against EBV