Recover lost workout

after finishing my workout today (with two min of extended cool down still to go) i was asked to discard or save the progress. i missunderstood the question and clicked on discard (not a native speaker here). now it’s gone. any chance to recover the data?


Hi Felix,

Unfortunately, due to GDPR regulations, we aren’t allowed to store any data that a user marks to delete or discard. That means we won’t be able to recover your ride. :disappointed:
We’re working on revamping our apps, and one key component of this will be a safeguard before deletion, so that it becomes a little bit harder to accidentally discard or delete your ride.
Sorry for the bad news!

is there a way i can mark this workout as done? i mean, it was pretty much on point and that would already help.

Hi Felix,

While you can’t mark the workout Ericsson itself as done, you can add another workout to your calendar, enter the 64TSS that you missed, and mark it as “completed.”

Steps to do that can be found here:

I hope this helps!


yes, thank you!

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