Recommended stretching during endurance events

Howdy everybody. I’m doing an event here in a couple weeks that will require about 12 hours on the bike. I’ve noticed one of my limiters on these long rides is just general discomfort. Starting at about six hours I really start to ache and feel the need to stretch my back/shoulders/hips/etc. Granted, I don’t expect to spend 12 hours on a bike and not hurt, but the pace will be gentle and I’ve scheduled about 90 minutes of off-bike time into my event. I’ve been better about incorporating Coach Chad’s stretches into my general fitness routine, are these the same stretches I should be doing at breaks throughout the day? All this is assuming I have a proper bike fit, which I believe I do. How can I make the most of my 15 minute breaks?

Assuming you’re eating and drinking on the bike, just lie down. As flat as possible.

Unless you have known issues, I wouldn’t plan stretching - stretching tired body parts can cause issues as much as prevent them - but maybe have a few go to stretches if you start having problems.

You mentioned bike fit - it’s common for a fitter to give a good fit without teaching you to sit properly. I’d a fit that suits your posture on the bike. Fine for some, but it’s worth having someone else check how you’re sitting.

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